Securities Price Outlook (SPO)

Invesights has developed Securities Price Outlook ("SPO") algorithm for the movements of the NYSE and NASDAQ listed securities.  SPO is a proprietary quantitative algorithm which portends the direction of the price of securities over the next fiscal period.  SPO has had an accuracy rate of 94.3% over the last few years.

SPO is primarily based on microeconomic and company data, and draws upon the fundamental as well as technical analyses in a bottom up approach.  With a large number of measures, many of which are proprietary, the SPO model provides a score on each security and three zones to signify if the price will rise, remain flat, or fall in near future.  SPO is much like the FICO score used by banks to determine the credit worthiness of loan applicants.  Similarly, depending upon the score on a security, SPO suggests the direction of the price in near term.

Our algorithm also predicts the probability of a cash squeeze the company will have in the next fiscal period.  And, if their revenues will grow in the next quarter.

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