What is a unique about Invesights services ?

Ability to predict market movements!

And, ability predict which direction a particular security is headed.

These are our distinctions.

Knowing which way the market is going is of tremendous benefit to all investors.  We help investing professionals make better informed investment decisions.

This is what we seek to accomplish.


Are the models valid ?

Our algorithms are proprietary.  They include a lot of economic data are released daily, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly.  To predict market movements, we run the IVO model daily, whereas, to predict movement of a security's price, we run the SPO model monthly.  Our models have produced statistically significant results, giving us the due confidence in our projections.  The accuracy of our models has been stated our website, and ranges between 83.7% and 94.3% depending upon the model






Is the mdoel for Securities Price Outlook based on the model for Index Value Outlook?

No.  They are different sets of models.  The IVO model is based on macro- and microeconmic data.  Whereas, the SPO model includes microeconomic and company data.  Further, the SPO model is based on fundamental and technical analyses.


Does the Securities Price Outook Model predict the next-day price of security?

We found that most investors like to know the general direction of the price of securities of their interest.  The SPO model is developed to provide just that - the direction of the price for a period.  This is conststent with the view most investment advisors and brokers take with their clients.

That said, we are developing a different model to predict a range for the expected price of securities the next day.  If you are interested, please email us at infor@invesights.com.

What other unique measures does Invesights have ?

Invesights utilizes various algorithm based measures to evaluate future outlook of companies.  For instance, our analysts have developed an algorithm to measure the probability of a rise in company's revenues.  This algorithm expresses the probability in precise percentage. 

Another example is our ability to predict if a company will have a cash flow crisis in the next fiscal period.  Afterall, "cash is the king," as the saying goes.  Our algorithm provides precise probability of a cash squeeze for the company in question.

In addition, Invesights also has proprietary measures to assess marketing activities of companies.  As we know, marketing is what brings in the revenues for firms.  No other research firms includes such measures.

We bring it all together in the IOS.


Who can join Invesights ?

Invesights is targeted to "professional" investors; that is, investors who invest funds on behalf of others.  There are a number of different classes of professional investors.  These include, broker-dealers, asset managers, wealth managers, market makers, funds (hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, etc.), trusts and estates, foundations, corporations, qualified plans, and many other such investors.

The above mentioned classes of professional investors are not exhaustive.  If you do not see your category, please inquire with us.  We will gladly accomodate all professional investors!


Once I sign up, what are my obligations?

None.  There is no obligation to sign up; to open an account.  When you download a Report, there is a fee assessed to your account.  We submit the bill to your firm on monthly basis for the number of downloads.




Is Invesights an IR firm ?

No, Invesights is NOT an IR firm.  We do not contact the companies we review.  Therefore, we do NOT receive any compensation from companies we develop Reports on.

Who is Invesights?

Invesights is a service of Indyfinance, LLC, an Indiana-based firm.