Invesights represents the work of an esoteric academic who, in his previous life, was a professor at a Midwestern university. He claims he wants to help investors make better decisions and make money, but he still thinks like an academic.


Some of us are financial guys who think they are quant jocks. Some others are marketers, i.e., basically sales people. Yet some others are accountants who know how to balance checkbooks.  Some others are IT geeks who see the world in "1"s and "0"s. And, our founder thinks he can predict the future. We restrained him to predict only the movement of the stock market.  He begged to predict more, so we have allowed him to predict the direction of stock prices.


Overall, we still like each other. Only at work, BTW.


And, that's how we are able to develop something unique, like the quantitative algorithms Index Value Outlook ("IVO") and Securities Price Outlook ("SPO").  Or, the probability that a company will have a "smooth or a bumpy ride" in the next fiscal period, based on its cash flows. Or, a measure to predict, in percentages, if a company's revenues will rise in the next period.  Or, various measures to assess the marketing activities of a company.


On, and on, and on. Our academic founder is always ready to give a lecture on our unique proprietary measures . . .


We are told to be focused in our work, so we decided to focus on helping investment professionals make more informed decisions.  We think that's what binds us together.


So, join us. Join our growing community of "informed" investors - they will confirm that (we asked them to)!