Signal Times

Our Service is centered on making the market signals for the next-day available every day after the market closes.

Our models are developed with financial information released by government agencies, non-government agencies, business organizations, etc.  Often, these bits of information are released short time before the market opens.  Some information comes out after the market opens.  Companies release their performance data after the market closes.  Information is released throughout the month, particularly in the beginning of the month.

What this means is that often the projections are delayed until the data becomes available.

Although our routine is to make the market signal for next-day available in the evenings, sometimes we need to wait until the next-morning for the data.  We attempt to capture the information as soon as it is released, and process it to run the models promptly.  In the event of morning data release, we strive to make the signals available before the market opens.  If the data is released after the market opens, we may need to put out a "tentative" signal and revise it as the information is acquired later.